Time has erased just half of a dialogue between the two opposite banks of the Spree in Berlin Schöneweide.

I owe to these voices responding each other a story that has stretched to the present day and that it is time to write.

> ICH LIEBE DICH needs to be painted/written loud again.

I love you too Berlin 2020

Join me for this intervention on the river Spree!

The action will take place this summer.

How you can HELP :

(only condition is >YOU can swim)

YOU HAVE GOT A GOOD CAMERA and you are ready to shoot some pics/video of the ACTION


YOU HAVE A BOAT a small inflatable BOAT like mine is more then enough!


The money will principally be used to start editing a small book about this story.

you purchase a poster A1 : paper printed silkscreen for 30 euros (pics soon)

you buy a 5 euro copy, and you offer the other one to a friend > download here and print 2A4 (soon..)

Ich liebe dich….I love you too _ Berlin 2009/2020