Valeria Sanguini was born in Ethiopia in 1973 and grows up in Germany, Italy, Chile, Spain France. In 2001 she graduates in Painting at Academy of Fine Arts in Rome after a first certificate in Sociology at the Sorbonne in Paris where she first confronts with postcolonial political issues and the loss and distortion of cultural identities and territories, this inexorable process of mistreatment of contents through racial and sexual abjection; this loss becoming the starting point for her positioning as artist. History becomes a territory to rework out, denouncing the violence and building up an Elsewhere to imagine and reenact.

VS’s work is always body work through, time across, in section, as much as her life trajectory, crossingdifferent cultural pattern and boundaries, embodying different languages and territories in a constant tension between present and real, matter and rarefaction. Mostly including the invisible as precious part of our aesthetic experience, being also the space where to enact a change, she is constantly evoking it while challenging the boundaries of visual perception, of our cultural patterns with a constant invitation to take a stand.

She starts exhibiting in Italy in 1999 in galleries, foundations, museums and occupied spaces: About Caledonia, Dolls and Dogs, Cannibali, the titles of her first shows. Selected to participate to the Advanced Course in Visual Art at the Ratti Foundation with Marina Abramovic, she experiences how the art system can embody, in the person of the artist himself, the most extreme sophisticated form of capitalist/cannibalism. Invited for a residency at the Kuenstlerhaus Schloss Wiepersdorf in Germany in 2006 she moves to Berlin, that embodies the frontier and violence of recent european history, the city where she still lives and works.

Her first project exhibition here, Frequenze, is centered on the body of the Christ, referring to Mantegna, resurrected to be processed through a phenomenological approach. With Leinen los and Funfzehnkilometer she starts also dealing with re-conceiving geography and the concept of borders, of limit in our experience. She is founder and member of the experiment Upstairs63 and is co-curating and managing Flex art space in 2014.

VS research includes installation, sculpture, performance and more recently actions and interventions, painting being the starting point and return point of these expeditions and experiences, a territory to re inhabit and to redefine, especially because of its heavy past and tradition. Recovering its incredible potential and in reconnecting us to our visual potential, returning the expropriated and mechanized body to its political dimension, reconnecting matter and action to responsibility and consciousness.

After Italy displays the politic of Rejections against migrant in 2009 Valeria decides to engage her art in actions and interventions, the first one, gli Evasi, planned with her partner and colleague, writer and journalist, Maxim Cristan. Their Son Elia was born in Berlin in 2010 where she is raising him up. The project the Tent, developed from 2011 to 2016, concerns the right to inhabit and create a community without belonging to a national or a family context and pattern, defining gestures and practices to come together and celebrate contexts where this idea can extend, from space to space, from Riace with the Tent_7km to the MAAM, Museo dell’altro e dell’altrove/ the Museum of the other and elsewhere in Rom. Her more recent works all refer to these experiences.

Selezione mostre personali e collettive:

2017 -50x50x50 Landgewinn- Festung Franzenfeste, Brixen, Italien 2015 -Procreate Project-Women’s Art Library, Londra Inghilterra 2014 -Contemporary art for Dynamo Camp- Macro La Pelanda. Roma, Italia a cura di Graziano Menolascina 2013 -Hic et Nunc- Centro per l’arte contemporanea Open Space. Catanzaro – Open – the generation of future – Galleria Bluorg. Bari, a cura di Graziano Menolascina -Natura- Gallery SMAC. Roma, a cura di Graziano Menolascina 2012 -Indicazione 0\0- Galleria Ugo Ferranti. Roma / Venduto. Milano, a cura di Roberta Molin Corvo – Il labirinto del Fauno. Brindisi, a cura di Graziano Menolascina 2011 Collettiva. Galleria Franzotti. Berlino, a cura di Alessandra Pace / -Vor mir, hinter mir, neben mir- Volkspark Hasenheide. Berlin, a cura di Valeria Schwarz und Peer Golo Willi 2008 -Drawing meeting on the fifth floor- Upstairs63 project-space Berlino 2007 -„sllörrrrr wip wop wop“- Spor Klübü projectspace Berlin Germania 2002 Menzione della commissione per la Biennale dei giovani artisti del Mediterraneo Sarajevo – Enzimi – sezione Arti Visive . Roma -Menotrenta- Museo Civico A.Olmo a Savigliano Cuneo Premio Gianni Delzanno a cura dell’ass. cult. Marcovaldo / Prototipi 0.1- workshop e mostra presso la Fondazione Olivetti. Roma, a cura di Stefano Chiodi e Bartolomeo Pietromarchi -Tracce di un Seminario- Galleria Viafarini. Milano, a cura di Giacinto di Pietrantonio e Angela Vettese 2001 Mostra dei partecipanti al Corso Superiore di Arti Visive Chiesa di San Francesco, Como, a cura di Giacinto di Pietrantonio e Angela Vettese 2000 -Due punti : L’ Accademia in Museo:Le prossime generazioni- Museo dell’Infiorata Genzano. Roma

2019 Exiit qui Seminat Kamo Atelier. Berlino | 2016 La Tenda_al MAAM Museo dell’Altro e dell’altrove. Via Prenestina, 913, 00155 | 2014 La Tenda_7 Km in collaborazione con Citta’Futura e C&Q . Riace | 2011 Fünfzehnkilometer United for global Change _ Galleria Franzotti. Berlino | 2010 Leinen los – Openatelier, Factory Berlin | 2007 Fequenze Project-raum / Factory-Berlin ~ Brechnungen SudOst Kultur Institut. Berlino | 2002 About Caledonia Galleria Soligo Art Project, a cura di Mario de Candia. Roma | 2001 Dolls and Dogs ass.cult. Rialto al Sant’ Ambrogio. Roma ~ Cani Camera Oscura, a cura di Cornelia Lauf. San Casciano ai Bagni, Chiusi


2001 Copertina per la rivista Il Verri a cura di Giovanni Anceschi

2001 Catalogo Menotrenta – Mostra al Museo Civico A.Olmo a Savigliano – Cuneo Premio “Gianni Delzanno” a cura dell’ass. cult. Marcovaldo testo di Maria Teresa Roberto

2001 Crudelia .notiziario di arti contemporanee maggio/luglio 2001 – p.6

2002 Quaderni del Corso Superiore di Arte Visiva. Charta, Milano ed.

2004 Prototipi – catalogo della mostra Prototipi 01 a cura di Stefano Chiodi e Bartolomeo Pietromarchi . Sossella ed.

2004 Camera Oscura – Cornelia Lauf (ed.) p.97

2005 Illustrazioni per bimestrale Italianieuropei 2/2005

2012 Catalogo “Il labirinto del Fauno” Masseria del Brigantino, a cura di Graziano Menolascina e BLUorG Bari

2013 Reportage 7/8/2013 di Ilaria Ravarino articolo sul settimanale Gioia

2013 Catalogo della mostra – Hic et Nuns – Centro per l’arte contemporanea OpenSpace. Catanzaro, Italia Litopress Ed.

2013 Catalogo – Open – the generation of the future. Galleria Bluorg. Bari, Italia a cura di Graziano Menolascina

2013 Catalogo della mostra Natura – Gallery SMAC. Roma, Italia curata da Graziano Menolascina

2013 Reportage 7/8/2013 settimanale Gioia. Ilaria Ravarino

2014 Catalogo della mostra L’arte Contemporanea per Dynamo Camp MACRO, La Pelanda curata da Graziano Menolascina. Roma, Italia

2016 Fotozine per Procreate Project, Madeanpublished, Londra, Regno Unito

2018 Calalogo MAAM Museo dell’altro e dell’altrove p.864-867

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